A Music and Story Show with Justyn Rees and Russ Rosen

Again Justyn Rees and Russ Rosen weave story and song together as they take on the powers that instigate conflict with the force of forgiveness and the purpose of peace.

Booking now for events from late February through mid May 2016. Stay tuned for tour details.

The TableThe Table

The most revolutionary and redemptive story of all – the story that has shaped our world.

The objective is to connect a new generation with those final passionate days of Jesus’ life on earth.

Justyn ability to draw you into the story and bring that passion alive makes you feel part of the drama. He uses various UK dialects to retell the story from the perspective of four characters who were actually there; Peter, Thomas, Judas and Pilate.

Justyn has a way of disarming you with his witty storytelling. As each character defends his actions until his hidden motivations are exposed so the audience is drawn to identify with those same conflicting emotions. The climactic invitation to come to the table is powerfully redemptive.

Russ is the minstrel who weaves songs around the characters. Music by Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Graham Ord, and even a piece of Les Miserable are woven in with songs he has written to complete the embroidery in living color.

We live in a broken world so desperately in need of healing, and new hope. The Table presents this timeless invitation in a fresh way that gives no offence but draws newcomers to the most friendly place on the planet –The Table

“The Table” is available year round for presentation in your community, your home, your community park, your church, or school. It is great for those who already love the story, but potentially life changing for those who have not yet heard it when offered as a guest event.

Upcoming presentations of the Table

Come to the Table. Peace Talks

This is not a show but a deeply significant call to unity.

With the world teetering on the brink of war, this is Jesus’ invitation to come to the table.

Justyn leads us in a reenactment of the Lord’s Supper in a way you will never have experienced it. Russ leads us to worship and reflect. All are welcomed to come to the Table, the ultimate place of acceptant and peace. All are invited to let God wash away our divisions and hatred, our hurts and bitterness. The one loaf broken for our brokenness, the fruit of life crushed for our iniquities, are ours for the tasting. The fish shared to assure us that the risen Jesus in no ghost, no figment of our imagination. The flame breathed to share the Spirit of peace. The commission to call others to the Table.

This is a new creation still in the formative stages that could soon be presented in your home, your church, your ministerial, your community center. Watch this space or send us your ideas.

 B.A.D.P.U. or What’s in a Name?Beggar

A hilarious, romping reenactment of the healing of the panhandler at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple.

The story features Fred, a life-long member of the Beggars And Disabled Person’s Union describing how all his fellow members were healed, while he was over looked. Magic got up and walked, Mable turned round and was free, Buffy looked up and saw, Lazer jumped up and lived. But poor old Fred always wanted to dance, but nothing happened, till it was too late. Then one day two men happened by…

This is a family event that will get everyone from granny to the kids out of their seats and dancing with joy. Russ has the ability to get our bums out of our seats, to move our feet, and to shake it all about. The music is upbeat and the story is hilarious and the message is timely. It asks the big question: “What do you want Jesus to do for you?” The answer to that question will be life changing.

This presentation was first given at Missions Fest as an inspiration to children and whole families to take Jesus’ offer to a desperately needy world: “What do you want Jesus to do for you?”

This presentation is ideal for a family service, Sunday school, community happening, summer outdoor event in the park event, family camp.

 Christmas Tales

A rendition of Christmas like you have never heard it. You’ll laugh and cry as you are drawn into the true meaning of the season.

Justyn and Ross Rosen, together with Brett Zigler, Calum Rees, Jonathan Perkins and others love to join forces to make Christmas live through music and storytelling.

Russ will have you singing along with the traditional carols and inspire you with some of the original music that he has written. Together with Justyn’s hilarious retelling of the story, the music and monologs weave a delightful tapestry of the first Christmas for all the family to enjoy. You’ll meet characters painted in vivid color by Justyn’s fund of international dialects – Joseph – the cabinet maker, Angus – the tight-fisted innkeeper, Dick – the dancing shepherd, Balthazar – the wise man from Toronto, and many others.

Russ Rosen and band have been the feature performers at Vancouver’s Rogers Santa Claus Parade for the past 5 years and know how to turn a Christmas Parade into a street party. For Christmas Tales they nimbly weave together both the festive and reflective carols throughout this upbeat and down to earth production.

Over the past two years Christmas Tales was booked at over 50 venues to play throughout the holiday season from Victoria to Edmonton, down the Fraser Valley and up the Okanagan in prisons, night clubs, churches, living rooms and schools. “Angels is popping all o’er the place!”

They’d sure love to come to celebrate Christmas at your place. But book early for anything from November till Christmas eve.

So contact us and we’ll come to your home, city, street, school, church.