To Make A Long Story Short

To Make A Long Story ShortA Compelling Retelling that Makes the Bible’s New Testament Dance with Life.

A baby is born to an unwed mother in a barn. The child grows up in an obscure mountain village until he emerges—a man with a revolutionary message. His out-of-the-box thinking and non-conformist charisma infuriate the guardians of the status quo who determine to destroy him, along with his dangerous ideas. Love and hate; life and death stand their ground in the ultimate face-off. But who will have the last word? Fascinating characters and fast-moving action, laced with humor, trace the thread of the original Bible story, allowing the narrative to live afresh today.

What others have said…

…the story line of the Bible reduced to a gripping tale, told with wit and warmth. This is the spinal cord of the world’s oldest and most influential book…  (Charles Price)

…respectful yet readable, insightful and invigorating.  (J. John)

…the drama, the wonder and the life changing impact of the Bible…  (Julie Sheldon)

…a book that simply tells the story – and just the story! It’s brilliant!  (Jennifer Larcombe)

…exposes the emotion of each moment with subtle details that form a new picture in one’s mind.  (Richard Dodding)

…the essence of the Bible—true to the text, true to the Spirit, eminently readable.  (R. Paul Stevens)


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