Justyn Rees

Welcome here! I’m Justyn, just in-credible when it comes to telling stories – beyond belief!

I am a storyteller with one wife, three adult children, seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren to practice on, though most of my storytelling is actually to adults in theaters, churches, or living rooms.

Most of the stories I tell originated in the Bible, the greatest story ever told. Actually I wrote the whole Bible as one continuing story in a book, or rather two books – “To Make and Old Story New” – the Old Testament, and the sequel, the New Testament – “To Make a Long Story Short.” But there are dozens of short stories within the Bible that I get to tell that fit more conveniently into an evening round the fire.

I’d love to come and tell stories in your home or community. Get in touch…

People who have heard or read my stories have said such nice things about them and it does my heart good just to quote them!

  • If you don’t know the plot-line of the Bible, and even if you do, I thoroughly recommend this epic retelling of the one story that everybody needs to know. It is respectful yet readable, insightful and invigorating. Best of all, it makes you want to read the original! Canon J. John – international speaker and author.
  • Justyn Rees has reduced the story line of the Bible to a gripping tale, told with wit and warmth. This is the spinal cord of the world’s oldest and most influential book, the story line from which the many branches of its doctrines, promises and privileges extend. It will be revealing to those who do not know the story, refreshing to those who do, and renewing to those who once knew, but have neglected it. Charles Price – pastor of The Peoples Church, Toronto, and TV and radio host of Living Truth
  • I was gripped! From the beginning of creation to the end of Revelation I just couldn’t wait to read more! Justyn has conveyed the best story ever in up to date, everyday language. He has captured the drama, the wonder and the life changing impact of the Bible in a way that will make it a treasured book to receive, and to give away. Julie Sheldon – international speaker, author and ballet dancer.
  • At last a book that simply tells the story – and just the story! It’s brilliant! Now ordinary people, like me, can understand the Old Testament and how it links with the New; and realize how utterly fascinating, funny and relevant the bare-bones of the Bible’s story actually is! Jennifer Larcombe – author, conference speaker and Bible teacher.
  • Justyn Rees is a brilliant storyteller. The first line of each story engages the reader, and gently takes us into a world of wonder and exploration. Justyn exposes the emotion of each moment with subtle details that form a new picture in one’s mind, capturing the moment with fresh understanding. One could imagine sitting near a quiet brook listening intently to every word, while Justyn unravels the next episode of this eternal story. Richard Dodding – founder of Missions Fest Vancouver
  • There are not many books that are a ‘Must Read’ for everyone – but this book is. I don’t know any other book that will make the Bible come to life like this does. Max Sinclair – author, speaker and founder of Christian Vision for Men, UK
  • Justyn Rees as a consummate story-teller has captured the essence of the Bible—true to the text, true to the Spirit, eminently readable. It captures our hearts and draws us into God’s story so that it becomes our story, the very thing God had intended when God inspired people of old to write the sacred text. Take and read and you won’t be able to put it down. Best of all, your faith will grow. Paul Stevens – Professor Emeritus, Regent College, Vancouver, BC.



Wish you were here!

So these are some of the storytelling dates I have in my little black book. These are all “Christmas Tales” shows with me telling the Christmas story in character and amazing music by Russ Rosen and Brett Zigler. Join us or invite a friend or just eat your heart out if you can’t make it. And, hey. There are some blank dates so invite us and we’ll bring Christmas to your place…


To Make An Old Story New

To Make A Long Story Short